1-2 For the Love of Our Earth

Title:  1-2  For the Love of Our Earth  by: P.K. Hallinan

world in handsSummary:  This is a rhyming story that teaches students about ways to take care of our planet.  Ideas covered include: composting, cleaning up litter, respecting nature, planting gardens, being kind to animals and people, and encouraging peace.

Spelling Words:  Long /o/ spelled o and o_e, Long /u/ spelled u and u_e.

Words:  menu, nose, most, cure, joke, unit, vote, fuse, soda, mule.

Challenge Words:  comb, bugle, total, human, suppose.

Vocabulary Words: 

Litter (n):  Scattered paper and other materials, trash.    Witness (v):  to see or hear something.  Dawn (n):  the time each morning at which daylight first begins.  Engine (n):  a machine that uses energy to run other machines.  Glows (v):  Shines.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify an action verb in a sentence.  A verb shows the action in the sentence.  It tells what someone or something is doing.  We played in the park for two hours. verb1

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