1-4 The Lion and the Mouse

Title:  1-4  The Lion and the Mouse  retold by: Michael Morpugo

lion mouse

Summary:  We are learning about another childhood favorite.  This fable has a moral to the story: “Kindness is more important than strength.”  The small mouse although caught by the lion is able to release him from the net by his wit later on.  Children find courage that they too can do great things.  Here is an OLD SCHOOL Youtube cartoon made in the 1950s.  Compare it to THIS Youtube created just recently that focuses on vocabulary.  Which version do you like better of this Aesop’s classic?
lion mouse

Spelling Words:  Words spelled with Long /e/ spelled e and e_e.

Words:  repay, meter, eve, gene, beside, elect, pretend, these, hero, demand.

Challenge Words:  compete, create, evening, delete, eraser.

Vocabulary Words:

Snoozing (v):  taking a quick nap.    Furious (adj):  very angry.  Repay (v):  to pay or give back.  Raged (v):  to act violently.  Gnaw (v):  to chew.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify subjects and predicates make sentences complete.   A sentence is a group of words that express complete thought and has two parts:  a naming (subject) and telling part (predicate).  The subject includes all the words in the naming part.  The predicate includes all the words in the telling part.   Joan and George //are selling lemonade.

subject predicate

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