1-5 Corduroy

Title:  1-5  Corduroy  by: Don Freeman


A YouTube of the classic Corduroy being read… CLICK here!

Summary:  This is a fantasy story about a teddy bear who just wants to be loved.  He was one flaw…he’s missing a button on his green corduroy overalls.  Children cheer Corduroy on, love and accept him, and then are happy when he finally finds a happy home with a sweet girl.

Spelling Words:  Words spelled with /n/ spelled kn, /r/ spelled wr, /f/ spelled ph, and long /e/.

Words:  wren, knot, knife, write, phone, graph, wrap, here, phase, knit.

Challenge Words:  alphabet, wrinkle, known, concrete, photo.

escalatorVocabulary Words: 

Palace (n):  a large, fancy house.    Escalator (n):  moving stairs.  Dashing (v):  running suddenly.  Yanked (v):  to pull.  Fasten (v):  to button.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify words and parts of sentences that need to be capitalized.  In my class, I try to teach students the acronym M.I.N.T.S to help them remember when to capitalize words.


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M= Months of the year

I=  the word “I” and initials

N=  Names of specific places, people, states, countries, or businesses.

T= Titles of books, movies, stories, and more…

S= Start of every sentence.

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