2-1 Ants! They are hard workers!

Title:  2-1  Ants! They are hard workers!  by: Brenda Iasevoli

Black Ant Portrait
Amazing video quick honey pot ant video!  Click HERE!

Summary:  This is an expository text that teaches the students about ants.  We learn about different types of ants, how they work, and how they live.  Children enjoy learning about the honey pot ants that store foot in their abdomens, leaf cutter ants, atomic ants that are as small as a grain of sand, and more.  Ask your child about which ant was their favorite.

honeypot ant

honeypot ant


types of ants

types of ants

Spelling Words:  Long /e/ spelled ee, ea, e, e_e.

Words:  real, sleep, we, feel, east, green, team, belong, knee, clear.

Challenge Words:  peach, cheese, please, between, eagle.

Vocabulary Words: 

Insects (n):  six-legged bugs.    Cocoon (n):  a case that protects an insect while it changes to an adult.  Tunnel (n):  an underground passageway.  Enemy (n):  a person or thing that wants to harm another.  Invade (v):  to enter without invitation.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify the difference between an incomplete and complete sentence.  A complete sentence has a subject and a predicate.  An incomplete sentence, or fragment, is missing either the subject or predicate.    Complete:  I like to go to school.  Incomplete:  The car. 

complete v incomplete

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