2-4 Birdhouse for Rent

Title:  2-4  Birdhouse for Rent  by: Harriet Ziefert

Photo Credit: the1pony via Compfight

Summary:  In this story, we explore the ‘life’ of a birdhouse.  We see several different occupants come and go as tenants including wasps, squirrels, and birds.


Spelling Words:  Words spelled with /s/ sound spelled ce and ci.  /j/ spelled ge and gi.

Words:  age, peace, pencil, magic, ice, digit, face, gem, city, large.

Challenge Words:  piece, gentle, tragic, century, excite.

Vocabulary Words: 

Rent (n):  a regular payment for the right to use equipment or property that belongs to someone else.    Deserted (v):  to have left something behind.  Vacant (adj):  empty.  Tenant (n):  one who lives in or on another person’s property.  Examine (v):  to look at closely and carefully.

articlesGrammar Concept:  I can identify an adjective and articles in a sentence.  An adjective is a word that describes a noun and tells how much, how many, or what kind.  Articles are special kinds of adjectives.  There are three articles:  a, an, and the.     A yellow duck swam in the big pond.

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