2-5 Tell Me, Tree

Title:  2-5  Tell Me, Tree  by: Gail Gibbons

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Philippa Willitts via Compfight

Summary:  Another expository text about how trees grow, types of trees, various of seeds, bark, and how wood is used.  This story is full of lots of interesting information about this renewable resource.

tree seedsSpelling Words:  Words with long /e/ spelled ie, y, ee, ea, e, and e_e.  /s/ spelled ce and ci.  /j/ spelled ge and gi.

Words:  very, germ, cell, civil, chief, funny, thief, rigid, baby, brief.

Challenge Words:  grieve, cancel.

Vocabulary Words: 


great picture to label parts of a tree.

great picture to label parts of a tree.

Trunk (n):  the main part of the tree where branches grow out of.    Limb (n):  a branch of a tree.  Stem (n):  the main part of a plant.  Minerals (n):   something found underground and used as food for plants to grow in soil.  Sprouts (v):  begins to grow.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify singular and plural nouns.  A singular noun names one while a plural noun names more than one.  Singular:  cow, hat, horse.   Plural (-s or –es):  cows, hats, horses.   Some rules that need to be followed when adding the –s or –es:

*Most nouns add –s to form the plural form.  (star—stars)

* Some nouns add –es.  These include words ending in:  s, x, z, ss, ch, or sh.  (box—boxes)

* Nouns ending in y should be changed to i and then add the –es.  (baby—babies)

* Nouns ending in f or fe change to v before adding the –es or –s.  (elf—elves or knife—knives)

* Some nouns are special and change the whole word to something different.  (person—people)

This is very useful!

This is very useful!

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