Math Connects 2nd Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Apply Addition Concepts


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2-1 Addition Properties:  I can use the Commutative Property and the Zero Property to find sums.

Vocabulary:  Add:  to join together to find the total or sum.  Addends:  any number or quantities being added together.  Sum:  the answer when you add numbers.

2-2 Count On to Add:  I can use a number line to count on when adding.

Vocabulary:  Count On:  start at a number on a number line and count up.

2-3 PSS: Act It Out:  I can use the act it out strategy to solve problems.

2-4 Doubles:  I can use doubles facts to solve problems.

Vocabulary:  Doubles:  two addends or quantities being added.

2-5 Near Doubles:  I can use doubles facts to find other sums.

Make a 102-6 Make a 10:  I can make a 10 to solve addition problems.

2-7 Add Three Numbers:  I can group addends differently to make the same sum.

2-8 PSS:  Choose a Strategy:  I can choose the best strategy to solve problems.

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