Math Connects 2nd Chapter 3

Chapter 3- Apply Subtraction Concepts


3-1 Count Back to Subtract:  I can count back to find the difference.

fact familyVocabulary:  Count back:  on a number line with numbers, count from a higher number to a lower number.  Subtract:  to take away.  Difference:  the answer to a subtraction problem.

3-2 Subtract All and Subtract Zero:  I can subtract all or none to find the difference.

3-3 Use Doubles to Subtract:  I can use doubles facts to find the difference.

3-4 PSS: Guess and Check:  I can use guess and check to solve problems.

3-5 Relate Addition to Subtraction:  I can subtract from numbers through 20 using addition.   I can identify and write different ways to name the same number.

Vocabulary:  Related facts:  a collection of 3 numbers that make up addition and subtraction facts.  Inverse:  operations that undo each other.

Missing addend3-6 Missing Addend:  I can find the missing number in addition and subtraction sentences.

Vocabulary:  Missing Addend:  a number that is absent from an addition sentence.

3-7 Fact Families:  I can identify and write fact families.

Vocabulary:  Fact Family:  a group of related facts.

3-8 PSS:  Choose a Strategy:  I can choose the best strategy to solve problems.

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