3-1 Red Light, Green Light, Mama, and Me

Title:  3-1  Red Light, Green Light, Mama and Me  by: Carl Best


Summary:  A little girl goes with her mama to work at the public library.  She gets to discover all the jobs of the people along the way, the workers at the library, and gets a special job of her own to do.  This is a realistic fiction piece meant to give your child a new insight not only into the library, but into their community.

Spelling Words:  Long /i/ spelled igh, y, ie, i, and i_e.

Words:  pie, night, fly, pile, child, right, shy, lie, mice, try.

Challenge Words:  recognize, skyscraper, style, knight, mighty.

three pigs

Vocabulary Words: 

Practice (v):  to do something over and over to gain skill.    Public (adj):  for all the people.  Recognize (v):  to know and remember from before.  Automatically (adv):  working by itself.  Perch (v) to stand, sit, or rest on a raised place.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify articles in a sentence.  I can identify comparative and superlative adjectives.  Articles are a special type of adjective.  There are only three:  a, an, the.  Comparative adjectives compare two nouns, while superlative adjectives compare three or more.   He is smaller than she is.   He ate the biggest apple of all.


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