3-2 In The Money: A Book About Banking

Title:  3-2  In the Money: A Book About Banking 

by: Nancy Loewen

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Summary:  Another child gets to have a day on the job with his parent.  This time, a little boy goes to work with his mother who is an loan officer at the bank.  As we read, we learn about the Federal Reserve, loans, vaults, ATMs, tellers, and more practical information your child can use as they interact with banks in the community.  This is an expository text piece written in a way your child can understand.  Short and simplified video on how banks work.

Spelling Words:  Long /o/ spelled ow, oa, o and o_e.

Words:  store, loan, grow, boat, know, toad, blow, coat, hello, show.

Challenge Words:  borrow, coast, below, robot, owe.

Vocabulary Words: 

Vault (n):  a room or compartment that is used to store money or other things of value.    Withdrawal (n):  money taken out of a bank account.  Borrow (v):  to receive something with the understanding that it must be given back.  Employees (n):  people who works for a person or business for pay.  Deposits (n):  money added to a bank account.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify the correct words to capitalize.  We are reviewing when to capitalize, mainly focusing on days, months, cities, and states.  Review M.I.N.T.S. with your child and they will do great!

M= Months of the year

I=  the word “I” and initials

N=  Names of specific places, people, states, countries, or businesses.

T= Titles of books, movies, stories, and more…

S= Start of every sentence.

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