3-4 Out and About At City Hall

Title:  Out and About at City Hall by: Nancy Garhan Attebury

Blackfoot city

Summary:  An expository text about how a city planner helps run the city and the main jobs that a child would see if they toured the City Hall.

Spelling Words:  Words spelled with long /u/ sound spelled ew, ue, u and u_e.

Words:  cue, hue, few, music, pure, value, mew, cute, human, rescue.

Challenge Words:  fury, confuse, view, skew, argue.

Vocabulary Words: 

Council (n):  a group of people who make decisions for a larger group.    Mayor (v): the person who is the head of a city or town government.  Elect (v):  to choose by voting.  Cashier (n):  a person in charge of paying or receiving money.  Taxes (n):  money that people or businesses must pay to support the government.   Routes:   roads or other courses used for traveling.

Grammar Concept:  I can make sure the subject and verb in my sentences agree.  The subject must agree in number with the verb.  If the subject is singular, the verb needs to be too.  If it is plural, the verb needs to be too.  Example:  Josh walks to school every day.  Many people live near him.

subject verb

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