3-5 Grandpa’s Corner Store

Title:  3-5  Grandpa’s Corner Store  by: DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan

Canyon Grocery, Laguna Canyon, 1957
Photo Credit: Orange County Archives via Compfight

Summary:  In this realistic fiction story, a little girl tries to keep her grandpa from selling his corner grocery store when a large supermarket is opened.  She comes up with solutions to encourage those in her community who love grandpa’s store to help save it.

Spelling Words:  Words with long /u/.  Open and closed syllables.

Words:  open, humid, until, person, cancel, fuel, begin, wagon, number, minus.

Challenge Words:  continue, dial, united, radio, moment.

Vocabulary Words: 

Arrangement (n):  a plan.    Tingle (v):  to have a slight stinging feeling.   Huddled (v):  to crown together.  Sharp (v):  exact.  Construction (v):  the act of building something.  Aisles:  the space between two rows or sections of something.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify the words that make up contractions.  Contractions are commonly used combinations of two words in which an apostrophe replaces letters dropped from one or both words.   Examples:  do not—don’t   they are—they’re   she will—she’ll


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