4-1 Animal Camouflage

Title:  4-1  Animal Camouflage  by: Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

perfect camouflage
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: mariusz kluzniak via Compfight

Summary:  An expository text with beautiful pictures to help children understand the concept behind why animals camouflage.  Some hide to hunt, others to hide from being hunted.  Children get to see the a fascinating look about animals in their environments.

Spelling Words:  Long /oo/ spelled oo.

Words:  hoop, tooth, mood, igloo, soon, bloom, food, room, pooch, pool.

Challenge Words:  noodle, rooster, school.

Vocabulary Words: 

Camouflage (n):  a disguise that makes something look the same as the area around it.    Mimicry (n):  the act of copying.  Patterns (n):  the order of colors, shapes, or lines.  Surroundings (n):  the area around a person or thing.  Pretenders (n): things that make believe it is something else.  Blend (v):  to mix together.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify pronouns that replace nouns.   A pronoun takes the place of a noun and should agree in number and gender it replaces.  Tyler took his dog to the park to play.  The pronoun he would replace Tyler.    


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