4-2 Hungry Little Hare

Title:  4-2  Hungry Little Hare  by: Howard Goldsmith

Photo Credit: davejdoe via Compfight

Summary:  In this fictional story a little snowshoe hare is looking for something delicious to eat.  While hunting down the smell of raspberry plants, he continues to run into several animals hiding in the forest.  This story continues to strengthen students understanding of camouflage in a fun and accessible way.

Spelling Words:  Long /oo/ spelled u, u_e, and ew.

Words:  clue, blew, lure, June, student, dew, grew, due, ruby, overdue.

Challenge Words:  blueberry, salute, fluid, newsroom.

Vocabulary Words: 

Meadow (n):  a flied of grass.    Pond (n):  a small lake.  Scent (n):  a smell.  Disguise (n):  something that hides the way one looks.  Hare (n):  a kind of rabbit.   Stump (n):  the part of the tree that is left after the tree has been cut down.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify that possessive nouns end with an apostrophe and “s,” or if they already end in the letter s, they just have an apostrophe added.  I can also pick out possessive pronouns like: mine, yours, and ours.    Angela’s doll had brown hair.  Mine had red.


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