4-3 How to Hide an Octopus…

Title:  4-3  How to Hide an Octopus and other Sea Creatures  by: Ruth Heller

Striped Pyjama Squid
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Richard Ling via Compfight

Summary:  This is a rhyming non-fiction poem about underwater creatures that use camouflage.  Children get to learn about red sea dragons, cuttlefish (seen above), sargassum fish, decorator crabs (below), and more.  By changing to an underwater world, students get to see camouflage in a whole new way.
Decorator Crab
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Klaus Stiefel via Compfight

Spelling Words:  Short /oo/ sound spelled oo.

Words:  look, good, soot, shook, stood, foot, brook, wood, hoof, hook.

Challenge Words:  uncooked, childhood.

Vocabulary Words: 

Delay (v):  to take a longer time.    Glides (v):  moves in a smooth way.  Design (v):  to plan or make.  Proceeds (v):  moves on or continues.  Fade (v): to lose color or brightness.  Creatures (n):  living things.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify conjunctions in a sentence.  Conjunctions bind together two simple sentences into a compound sentence with a word like and, or, when, however, and but.  Watch “Conjunction Junction” by School House Rock.  I like chocolate ice cream, but I do not like strawberry ice cream.


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