4-4 How the Guinea Fowl…

Title:  4-4  How the Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots 

by: Barbara Knutson

Crested Guineafowlguinnea
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Martin Heigan via Compfight

Summary:  This is a Swahili folktale about how the guinea fowl became spotted in order to protect itself from predators.  Many folktales explain how something came to be the way they were.  In this story we explore why the bird needs camouflage and how animals can adapt.

Spelling Words:  Words with /ow/ sound spelled ow and ou.

Words:  ouch, hour, now, loud, crowd, down, sound, town, howl, round.

Challenge Words:  birdhouse, outside, shower.

Vocabulary Words: 

Delicate (adj):  not strong.    Reeds (n): tall grasses.  Bank  (n):  the land along a stream.  Admired (v):  a to think well of someone or something.  Temper (n):  mood.   Glossy (adj):   bright and shiny.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify synonyms and antonymsSynonyms are words that have the same meaning.  To help remember this, I encourage students to think S words:  Synonyms=Same.  Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning.  To remember this, we think vowels:  Antonyms= Opposites.   Cold-  (synonyms) chilly, nippy, and cool… (antonyms)  warm, hot, stifling.


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