4-5 I See Animals Hiding

Title:  4-5  I See Animals Hiding  by: Jim Arnosky

camo 6 camo 7

Summary:  This story beautifully summarizes all that we have learned in the camouflage unit.  The children get to review the animals that they have seen, check to see if they can find a few new ones, and discuss what they know.

Spelling Words:  Review lessons 4:1-4.

Words:  blue, rude, frown, cookie, plow, count, duty, cool, scout, books.

Challenge Words:  looser, snowplow.

Vocabulary Words: 

Unaware (v):  not watchful or mindful.    Protective (adj):  keep out of danger or away from harm.   Coloration (n):  the way something is colored.  Imitator (n):  one who copies something or someone.  Available (adj):  being in the area and ready to use.  Natural (adj):  acting on information one is born with.

Grammar Concept:  I can identify when punctuation is used correctly.  This is a review week where we will go back over using commas in a series, but we will also add using colons in time.  Colons are placed between the hour and minutes when writing time.  7:15 and 12:30.



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