5-1 Dragons and Giants

Title:  5-1  Dragons and Giants  by: Arnold Lobel

Summary:  A classic fictional tale of friendship and courage in the “Frog and Toad” series.  The two are reading a book about brave knight and want to test their courage.  Frog and Toad set out to prove their valor as they hike a mountain, face a hawk and snake, and encounter an avalanche.  Students explore what the true meaning of bravery is.

Spelling Words:  Words with the /aw/ sound spelled aw and au.

Words:  hawk, sauce, thaw, draw, launch, crawl, yawn, author, cause, vault.

Challenge Words:  lawyer, daunting.

Vocabulary Words:

Trembling (v):  shaking.    Avalanche (n):  stones or snow rolling down a mountain.  Leaping (v):  jumping.  Puffing (v):  breathing in short breaths.  Afraid (adj): feeling fear.  Brave (adj):  not afraid.

Grammar Concept:  I can use proper capitalization and punctuation in a letter or noteThe first word in a greeting and the name should be capitalized and then followed by a comma.  In the closing, the first word in the closing should be capitalized, followed by a comma after the word or phrase, then the writer’s name should be capitalized.  Dear Rosa,     TEXT OF LETTER   Yours truly,     Bob    

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