5-2 The Hole in the Dike

Title:  5-2  The Hole in the Dike  retold by: Norma Green

Kinderdijk, South Holland, the Netherlands
Photo Credit: Luke Ma via Compfight

Summary:  This is a retelling of a Dutch legend.  A young boy hears water trickling out of the dikes that are holding the ocean back from his small village.  He tries to call for help, but no one can hear him.  Knowing the hole will only get wider, the brave boy spends all night with his finger plugging the hole until help arrives.

Spelling Words:  Words with the /aw/ sound spelled augh, ough, all, and al.

Words:  walk, overall, bought, call, always, sought, taught, caught, halt, small.

Challenge Words:  daughter, chalk.

Vocabulary Words: 

Trickling (v):  flowing drop by drop.    Flooded (v):  to cover with water.  Rumbling (v):  making a heavy, deep, rolling sound.  Numb (adj):  having no feeling.  Dikes (n):  a thick wall built to hold back water.   Windmills (n):  a machine that uses the power of the wind to turn sails.

Grammar Concept:  I can use quotation marks to set off a speaker’s words.  I can also use quotation marks to show titles of stories poems, and songs.  No matter whether writing fiction or non-fiction, exact words spoken are indicated by quotes.  “I need help!” yelled Dan.    I am reading “The Hole in the Dike.”   

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