5-4 Akiak

Title:  5-4  Akiak: A Tale from the Iditarod  by: Robert J. Blake

Mike Williams Jr. taking a leisurely pace through the woods
Photo Credit: Frank Kovalchek via Compfight

Summary:  The Iditarod is a grueling dog sled race run in Alaska each year.  This is a fictional story about a lead dog, Akiak, who shows bravery in order to help her driver Mick throughout the race.

Spelling Words:  Words with /oi/ sound spelled oi and oy.

Words:  join, spoil, annoy, choice, boys, voyage, coin, enjoy, boil, toy.

Challenge Words:  royal, appoint, moist.

Vocabulary Words: 

Rumble (n):  a heavy deep, rolling sound.    Rugged (adj): rough and uneven.  Snowdrift (n):  snow piled up by the wind.  Burrowed (v):  dug.  Squinted (v):  look with partially closed eyes.   Shift (v):   to change positions.   Snapped (v):  to move quickly and sharply.

adverbsGrammar Concept:  I can find and use adverbs in sentences.  Adverbs describe verbs and clarify the questions: how, when, and where.   The little girl walked slowly up the stairs.  How did she walk?  slowly. 

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