5-5 Brave as a Mountain Lion

Title:  5-5  Brave as a Mountain Lion  by: Jim Arnosky

in the shadows
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: ucumari / Valerie via Compfight

Summary:  This story beautifully summarizes all that we have learned in the camouflage unit.  The children get to review the animals that they have seen, check to see if they can find a few new ones, and discuss what they know.

Spelling Words:  Review lessons 4:1-4 (like a spelling bee– like Spider had in our story).

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: USAG Vicenza via Compfight

Words:  blue, rude, frown, cookie, plow, count, duty, cool, scout, books.

Challenge Words:  looser, snowplow.

Vocabulary Words: 

Reservation (n):  land where Native Americans can live.    Dreaded (v):  to be afraid of or anxious about something.  Qualified (v):  to be able to do a job or task.  Mysterious (adj):  making others curious or surprised.  Mountain lion (n):  a large wild cat that lives in the mountains.  Stomping (v):  walking heavily.  Inform (v):  to tell.

verb tensesGrammar Concept:  I can use different verb tenses to indicate when an action takes place: the past, present, or futureHints (but not all):  -ed is often added to verbs that are past tense.  –ing is often added to verbs that are present.    The word “will” is often added before verbs that are in the future.  I am dancing in the festival.  (present)   Jenny will sing in the choir next year.  (future)   My friend planted a flower for his mom.  (past)  

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