6-1 April and Her Family

Title:  6-1  April and her family  by: Susan Kuklin

The Opposites of Chinese characters
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Summary:  This is a non-fiction story about a girl named April.  She tells of her family’s life in the U.S. as Chinese immigrants.    April attends Chinese school and Saturdays where she learns more about her heritage and culture.  She shares her experiences with the reader.

Spelling Words:  Contrast sounds with the long /o/ sound spelled ow and long /oo/ spelled oo, long /u/ spelled u and /o/.

Words:  flow, flower, cook, cube, tool, took, nook, noon, fume, loom.

Challenge Words:  moonbeam, mountain, mowing.

Vocabulary Words: 

To my dear friend Henny HR                 Compfightsesame truffles
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Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eduardo Amorim via Compfight      an  orchid    and some   sesame seeds

Explorer (n): a person who travels to a new place for the purpose of discovery.    Orchid (n):  a type of flower.  Chores (n):  small jobs around the house.  Discovered (v):  to be the first to find, learn of, or observe.  Sesame (n): a tropical Asian plan bearing small, flat seeds used as food and as a source of oil.  Popular (adj):  liked or accepted by many people.  Wiser(adj): smarter.


Common verses proper nouns.

Common verses proper nouns.

Grammar Concept:  Review: I can use nouns and verbs properly in sentences.  A common noun is a person, place, thing, or idea.  A proper noun names a particular or specific noun and must be capitalized.  A verb is the action in the sentence.   Bob rode his bike to school.

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