6-3 Martin Luther King, Jr.

Title:  6-3  A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

by: David Adler

I have a dream that my four little children will one day ...
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Summary:  In this biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. we explore the life of this historical human rights leader from the time he was a young man to his death.  We learn the reason behind his passion, his education, his speeches, and a few of important people to him, including Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, and Harriet Tubman.

Spelling Words:  3-letter consonant blends.

Words:  straw, split, scrape, stretch, splash, scream, sprawl, sprout, strange, scratch.

Challenge Words:  strength, spry, screen.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Cajun Metal via Compfight

Vocabulary Words:

Demanding (v):  asking for forcefully.    Fair (adj):  not favoring one more than another.  Laws (n): rules made by a government.  Graduated (v):  to finish school.  Arrested (v): to be held by authority of the law.  Prejudice (n):  unfair treatment of a group of people.  Content (n):  what is in something.   Section (n): a part.

Grammar Concept:  I can use plural nouns correctly.  I can identify the proper comparative adjective to use in a sentence.  When using plural nouns, remember, most nouns just have an “-s” added, however, some have an “-es” added.  Other rules may apply, like changing a “y” to an “i” before adding the “-es” or “f” to a “v.”  When using comparative adjectives here is a hint:  -er (two letters) is on the end of the adjective when comparing two things.  –est (three letters) is on the end of adjectives when comparing three or more.  Me & my sister—two things.  My sister is taller than me.   Me, my sister, and my brother.  My little brother is the shortest of the kids.

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