6-4 Jingle Dancer

Title:  6-4  Jingle Dancer  by: Cynthia Leitich Smith

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mark Pouley via Compfight

Summary:  A young Native American girl wants to dance at Powwow like many of her relatives have over the years, but cannot because her dress does not have jingles.    She goes from one family member and friend to another to find out a way to give her dress a voice without taking the voice from their dresses.  When she goes to the Powwow, she dances for all those who gave her dress a voice.

Spelling Words:  Contrast sounds:  /aw/ and /ow/.

Words:  tawny, tower, pause, pounding, shawl, shower, claw, clown, awe, owl.

Challenge Words:  applaud, awkward.

Vocabulary Words: 

Calves (n):  the back part of the lower legs.    Ached (v): to hurt with a dull, steady pain.  Pounding (v):  beating.  Pale (adj):  light in color.  Glimpse (n):  a quick view or look.   Shuffled (v):  to drag the feet while walking.   Slipped (v):  to put on.  Strolled (v):  to walk in a slow, relaxed way.

contractionsGrammar Concept:  I can identify when the subject and verb in a sentence agree.  I can understand the meanings of contractions.  Sentences that have a singular subject must have a verb that in also singular.   Incorrect:  Joshua are going to school.  Singular/ plural.   Correct:  Joshua is going to school.  Singular/ singular.    Contractions:  Can’t= can not   I’ll= I will  She’s= she is.

Dance 3

Dancers from Blackfoot schools 2013-14 school year (my cell phone).

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