6-5 Cesar E. Chavez

Title:  6-5  Cesar E. Chavez  by: Don McLeese

happy Cesar Chavez Day! (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic Middle School, Girard between Bacon/Burrows)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: throgers via Compfight

Summary:  In this biography, we learn about Cesar Chavez, another human rights leader.  His parents came to America to make a better life for themselves.  He was born to poor farm workers, moving from school to school, and watching his parents struggle.   As he grew, he was forced to drop out of school in order to help support his family.  He began to fight for farm worker’s rights.  He led strikes against owners in order to ask for fair wages for himself and others.    He formed a huge union, asked for boycotts, and changed right for many people.

Spelling Words:  Review lessons 6:1-4.

Words:  law, low, boot, book, doom, door, allow, arrow, string, spring.

Challenge Words:  describe, strict.

Vocabulary Words: 

Treated (v)  to behave toward or deal with in a certain way.    Border (n):  a line where one country or another area ends and another begins.   Weakened (v):  to grow less strong.  Strike (v): to stop working in order to get better pay and working conditions.  Union (n):  a group of workers who join together to get better pay and working conditions.  Boycott (v):  to refuse to buy something until workers are treated better.  Crops (n):  fruits, vegetables, or other plants that are grown on a farm and sold.  Awarded (v): to give a prize.

adverbsGrammar Concept:  I can use proper punctuation when writing a letter.  I can identify an adverb and what it does.  When writing a letter, introductions and closings should be capitalized.  Commas should be placed in the proper place.  Dear Aunt Sally,   TEXT   Love, Maria    Adverbs clarify how, when, and where.  My dog jumped up happily.  How did he jump?  Happily.

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