Math Connects Chapter 11

Chapter 11- Understand Geometric Figures and Spatial Reasoning


3D figures

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11-1 Three-Dimensional Figures:  I can identify three dimensional geometric figures.

Vocabulary:  Three-dimension figure:  a solid figure with length, width, and height.  Sphere:  a solid figure that has the shape of a round ball.  Pyramid:  a solid figure with a square base and triangular shaped faces.  Cube:  a 3-dimensional figure in which every face is a square and every edge has the same length.  Rectangular prism:  a 3-dimensional figure with faces that are rectangles.  Cone:  a 3-dimensional figure that narrows to a point from a circular base.  Cylinder:  a solid figure shaped like a can.

11-2 Faces, Edges, and Vertices:  I can describe the faces, edges, and vertices of three-dimensional figures.

Vocabulary:  Face:  the flat part of a 3 dimensional figure.  Edge:  the line where two sides or faces meet.  Vertex (vertices):  a point on a 2- or 3-dimensional figure where two or more edges meet together.

2d figures

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11-3 Two-Dimensional Figures:  I can identify two-dimensional geometric figures.

Vocabulary:  Two-dimension figure:  a plane figure with only length and width.  Parallelogram:  a figure that has four sides.  Each pair of opposite sides are equal and parallel.  Hexagon:  a figure that has six sides.  Trapezoid:  a four-sided figure with only two opposite sides the same length.

11-4 PSS: Look for a Pattern:  I can use look for a pattern as a strategy to solve problems.

11-5 Sides and Vertices:  I can describe two dimensional figures using sides and vertices.

Vocabulary:  Side:  one of the line segments that make up a figure.

11-6 Compare Figures:  I can compare two-dimensional figures and three-dimensional figures.

11-7 Make New Figures:  I can put figures together to form new figures and take figures apart to make new figures.

11-8 PSS:  Choose a Strategy:  I can choose the best strategy to solve problems.

11-9 Locate Point on a Number Line:  I can use whole numbers to locate and name points on a number line.

candy coordinates

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11-10 Coordinate Graphs:  I can use a coordinate graph to locate objects.

Vocabulary:  Coordinate graph:  a graph with points to show data.

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