Math Connects Chapter 8

Chapter 8- Measure Time and Temperature


temperature-hot-cold-physical-science8-1 Read Temperature:  I can estimate temperature and read a thermometer.

Vocabulary:  Temperature:  a measure of how hot or cold something is.  Thermometer: a tool that measures how hot or cold something is.   Degree Fahrenheit (F*):  a customary unit for measuring temperature.

8-2 Estimate Time:  I can estimate and measure time.

Vocabulary:  Second:  a brief unit of time.  Sneezing takes about 1 second.  Minute: a unit used to measure time.  1 minute=60 seconds.  Hour:  a unit of time.  1 hour= 60 minutes.

8-3 Time to the Hour and Half Hour:  I can use a clock to tell time to the hour and half hour.

Vocabulary:  Half hour:  one half of an hour; 30 minutes.  Sometimes called half past or half past the hour.

8-4 PSS: Look for a Pattern:  I can use look for a pattern as a strategy to solve problems.

time8-5 Time to the Quarter Hour:  I can tell time to the quarter hour.

Vocabulary:  Quarter hour:  One-fourth of an hour or 15 minutes.  Sometimes called quarter after or quarter to the hour.

8-6 Time to Five-Minute Intervals:  I can skip count by fives to tell time.

8-7 Thermometer to Gather Data:  I can use a thermometer to gather temperature data.

8-8 PSS:  Choose a Strategy:  I can choose the best strategy to solve problems.

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