Math Connects Chapter 14

Chapter 14- Solve Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction Problems


14-1 Add Hundreds:  I can use basic facts and mental math to add hundreds.

14-2 Regroup Ones:  I can find the sum of two three-digit numbers, regrouping ones.

14-3 Regroup Tens:  I can add three-digit numbers with and without regrouping.

14-4 PSS: Make a Table:  I can use make a table as a strategy to solve problems.hundreds add

14-5 Estimate Sums:  I can estimate the sum of three-digit addends by rounding.

14-6 Subtract Hundreds:  I can use basic facts and mental math to subtract hundreds.

14-7 Regroup Tens:  I can regroup tens to subtract three-digit numbers.

14-8 Regroup Hundreds:  I can regroup hundreds to subtract three-digit numbers.

14-9 Estimate Differences:  I can estimate the difference of three-digit numbers by rounding.

14-10 PSS: Choose a Strategy:   I can choose the best strategy to solve problems.

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