Math Connects Chapter 15

Chapter 15- Model Multiplication and Division


15-1 Multiplication Stories:  I can model and create multiplication stories.

arraysVocabulary:  Multiplication:  to find the product.

15-2 Equal Groups:  I can model skip counting to find the total in equal groups.

Vocabulary:  Equal groups:  each group has the same number of objects.

15-3 PSS: Draw a Picture:  I can use draw a picture as a strategy to solve problems.

15-4 Repeated Addition:  I can add and multiply equal groups.

Vocabulary:  Multiplication sentence:  a math sentence that has the time sign in it.

array15-5 Arrays:  I can use arrays to multiply.

Arrays:  pictorial representation of multiplication.

15-6 Division Stories:  I can model and create division stories.

Division:  to separate into equal groups.

15-7 Find Equal Groups:  I can divide to make equal groups.

Division sentence:  a math sentence that has the division sign in it.

15-8 PSS: Choose a Strategy:   I can choose the best strategy to solve problems.

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