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My goal is to create lifelong readers.  I am doing what I can do to encourage your child to love reading.  What can you do?   better readerBetter reader nonRead, read, and read some more!


Read, support, listen, and love your child through 2nd grade.  Together, let’s team up and help them love reading!

These pages will give you spelling lists, grammar concepts, summaries, charts, pictures, and the vocabulary lists for the whole year.  Lets do AMAZING things!

Unit 1- Kindness kindness5
Background Building “Kindness”

1-1 Because of You

1-2 For the Love of Our Earth

1-3  The Elves and the Shoemaker

1-4 The Lion and the Mouse

1-5  Corduroy

Children’s End Summary of Kindness

Unit 2-  Let’s Explore explore5
Background Building of “Exploration”

2-1 Ants! They are hard workers!

2-2 If You Find a Rock

2-3 Hungry Hoppers

2-4 Birdhouse for Rent

2-5 Tell Me, Tree

Children’s End Summary of “Exploration”

Unit 3- Around the Town blackfoot
Background Building of “Around the Town”

3-1  Red Light, Green Light, Mama, and Me

3-2 In the Money

3-3  Jalapeno Bagels

3-4  Out and About at City Hall

3-5  Grandpa’s Corner Store

Children’s End Summary of “Around the Town”

Unit 4- Look Again camouflage 5
Background Building of Camouflage

4-1  Animals Camouflage

4-2 Hungry Little Hare

4-3  How to Hide an Octopus…

4-4  How the Guinea Fowl…

4-5  I See Animals Hiding

Children’s End Summary of Camouflage

Unit 5-  Courage courage
Background Building of Courage

5-1  Dragons and Giants

5-2  The Hole in the Dike

5-3  The Empty Pot

5-4  Akiak

5-5  Brave as a Mountain Lion

Children’s End Summary of Courage

Unit 6- America’s People Americas people 5
Background Building of America’s People

6-1  April and Her Family

6-2  New Hope

6-3  A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr.

6-4  Jingle Dancer

6-5  Cesar E. Chavez

Children’s Summary of America’s People

Spelling lists online at   Click Here  to go to our class list.   Find the story we’re in and practice, play games, print the list, get definitions, and MORE.

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