Math Connects 2nd

Dear Families and Kids,

Don’t let math become frustrating for you or your child like in this hilarious clip by KidSnippets.  My goal is to help each child become a “math-magician!”  Someone who feels math just pops into their head like magic. :).   By using tools (charts, videos, summaries, and vocab by chapter below), practice, and working together, I know your child will build their confidence in math.

Succeed in math


Mrs. “P”

Math Connects Big Ideas and Essential Questions for the year!

Place Value ChartChapter 1 Use Place Value to 100 and Patterns


Clip 1: “Value of digits”

Clip 2:  “Patterns”

Make a 10Chapter 2  Apply Addition Concepts


Clip 1 “What to add first.”

Clip 2  “Count On”

fact familyChapter 3 Apply Subtraction Concepts


Clip 1  “Fact Families”

Clip 2 “Missing Addends”

picture graphsChapter 4 Organize and Use Data


Clip 1  “Reading Graphs”

Clip 2  “How Likely?”

Regrouping worksheet- click to enlarge and solve.Chapter 5 Model Two-Digit Addition


Clip 1  “Regrouping– Addition”

Clip 2 “Estimate the Sum”

Subtraction poemChapter 6 Model Two-Digit Subtraction


Clip 1  “Regrouping– Subtraction”

Clip 2  “Check Subtraction”

CoinsChapter 7 Determine the Value of Money


Clip 1  “Finding the Value of Group of Coins”

Clip 2  “Adding or Subtracting Money”

timeChapter 8 Measure Time and Temperature


Clip 1  “Reading a Thermometer”

Clip 2  “Reading a Clock”

fractionsChapter 9 Model Fractions


Clip 1  “Naming a Faction”

Clip 2  “What is a Whole Equal to?”

make a listChapter 10  Use Place Value to 1,000


Clip 1  “Expanded Form”

Clip 2  “Comparing Numbers”

Chapter 11 Understand Geometric Figures and Spatial Reasoning

3D figures

Click to enlarge


Clip 1  “Describing Shapes”

Clip 2  “Coordinate Graphs”


Comparing centimeters to inches

Comparing centimeters to inches

Chapter 12 Measure Length and Area


Clip 1  “Standard and Nonstandard Measurements”

Clip 2  “Finding the Area of a 2D shape”


Gallon man.

Gallon man.

Chapter 13 Measure Capacity and Weight


Clip 1  “Standard Measurements/Gallon Man”

Clip 2   “Estimating Capacity and Weight”

hundreds addChapter 14  Three-Digit Addition & Subtraction Problems


Clip 1  “Adding and Subtracting 3-digit numbers”

Clip 2  “Estimate then add/subtract”

arrayChapter 15 Model Multiplication and Division


Clip 1  “Make an Array- Multiply”

Clip 2  “Make an Array- Divide”

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