6-2 New Hope

Title:  6-2  New Hope  by: Henri Sorensen

The Covered Wagon of the Great Western Migration
Photo Credit: Marion Doss via Compfight

Summary:  In this historical fiction story, we learn the history of a town called New Hope.  The town begins when a family is journeying across the country and their axel on their wagon breaks.  They notice that it would be a great place to settle.  As their hopes rise, more and more new people come to settle too and a new town starts.

Spelling Words:  Silent letters.

Words:  listen, castle, rustle, whistle, rhino, answer, doubt, island, would, could.

Challenge Words:  chaos.

Vocabulary Words: 

Brisk (adj):  quick and lively.    Doe (n):  a female deer.  Leather (n):  material made from animal skin.  Shed (n):  a small building used for storing things.  Recycling (v):  using throwaway items for another purpose.   Fabric (n):  cloth.  Citizens (n): a person who was born in a country or who chooses to live in and become a member of a country.  Adopted (v): to take as one’s own.


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Grammar Concept:  Review: I can make a complete sentence that starts with a capital and ends with a correct punctuation mark.   A sentence always starts with a capital and ends with either a period (imperative or declarative), question mark (interrogative), or exclamation point (exclamatory).  A complete sentence has a subject and predicate.   Incorrect:  when she went biking  (Incomplete, no capital, and no punctuation)   Correct:  She left the library an hour ago.  (Complete, capitalized, and period).

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