Math Connects 10

Chapter 10- Hundreds


10-1 Hundred:  I can relate hundreds, tens, and ones.

Vocabulary:  Hundreds:  the numbers 100-999.  Also, a number place.  Example:  In the number 234, 2 is in the hundreds place which means there are 2 hundreds in this number.

10-2 Hundreds, Tens, and Ones:  I can read, write, and model numbers to 1,000.

make a list10-3 PSS: Make a List:  I can use make a list as a strategy to solve problems.

10-4 Place Value to 1,000:  I can identify and use words, models, and expanded form to represent numbers to 1,000.

expanded formVocabulary:  Expanded form:  the representation of a number as a sum that shows the value of each digit.  Example:  536 can be written 500+30+6.

10-5 Read and Write Numbers to 1,000:  I can read and write numbers to 1,000.

Vocabulary:  Thousand:  a place value of a number.  For example, in 1,253, the 1 in in the thousands place.

10-6 PSS:  Choose a Strategy:  I can choose the best strategy to solve problems.

10-7 Compare Numbers:  I can compare three-digit numbers using <, >, and =.

10-8 Order Numbers:  I can us place value to order three-digit numbers.

10-9 Number Patterns:  I can use number patterns to help you count.

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